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We revolutionize physical rehabilitation with wearable sensors and applications

Our advanced 3D avatar and sensor technology enables patients to be monitored remotely and in real-time, track recovery process and provide reliable data for follow-up consultations and analysis.

Product and Technology

​Interchangeable sensor design

​Sensors that can be placed on various parts of the body and are able to record various body movements, offering maximum flexibility for sensor mounting.

3D real-time avatar technology

​Enables patients to correctly follow exercise routines or to be monitored by practitioners in real-time and remotely and therefore reducing frequent therapy visits.

Patient Management System

A platform to support therapists to manage their patients’ activities and track rehabilitation progress, monitor compliance, perform data analysis or session scheduling.


​With XCLR8 Remote Rehabilitation, we aim to reduce the number of face-to-face therapy sessions by enabling remote monitoring of pre-assigned exercise routines and close follow-ups by professional therapists. This creates convenience and time savings and substantially improves the patient experience.

Features and Applications


​- Proprietary real-time motion tracking
- 3D model with active feedback and corrections
- Range of movement and repetition tracking
- Automated progress reports and data analysis
- Rehabilitation program management platform
- Customizable exercise routines and recording
- Offline mode to provide access in remote areas
- Optional: Live video capabilities 


​- Rehabilitative exercises for upper and lower extremetities (e.g. rotator cuff injuries, frozen shoulder, other shoulder injuries, knee pain/ patella injuries / plantar fasciitis or late stage stroke rehabiliation)

- Preventive exercises: Design and monitoring of preventive exercise programs (e.g. to reduce fall risk or musculoskeletal conditions)


- ​Frequent business travelers & Medical Tourism 
- Elderlies or physically impaired patients
- Patients in remote communities
- Patients at risk to develop chronic conditions
- Athletes
- Kids

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